Régime matrimoniaux

Matrimonial property regimes

It is not always easy to choose the right matrimonial regime or know about the subsequent implications of this choice for the course of your marriage.

The Eiffel Law Firm helps you make the right choice (common property reduced to acquests, separation of property, participation in acquests, universal community) before you go to a notary to formalize it.

During your marriage, you may come to realize that the regime you initially selected is unsuited, or no longer suited, to your lifestyle choices. Under certain conditions you can change them, even before a notary.

However, in some cases, change of matrimonial regime requires judicial approval that I can undertake to obtain for you.

In the course of your divorce, you have to liquidate your matrimonial regime. The Eiffel Law Firm can assist you with the Notary but also before the courts when necessary.

Inheritance Law

A death in the family is an extremely difficult time that can be aggravated when disputes arise.

Recourse to the courts is sometimes inevitable to settle disputes between the heirs or to interpret a will.

The Eiffel Law Firm supports you throughout these different undertakings.


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