Entretien d'Eiffel Avocats

The Eiffel Law Firm interviews

The Eiffel Law Firm assists you with its comprehensive, individualized approach throughout the separation process in partnership with a qualified, specialist psychotherapist in therapies for couples and alcohologist.
We offer our customers two completely innovative services that mark the originality of our approach to family issues:

The evaluation interview

This evaluation interview is carried out with a lawyer and a psychotherapist.

After this interview, we will propose our legal and psychological expertise to assess your needs.

By saving you the risk of a long, costly financial and psychological process, the individual evaluation allows you to focus your energy and structure your approach for rediscovering harmony in your family background.

You can also come to this meeting with your partner, at several different stages of your relationship.

Personalized support

The Eiffel Law Firm offers its customers legal and psychological assistance and support throughout your separation process.

This is a minimum three phase preparation, consisting of:

1. Provision of legal advice by the Eiffel Law Firm (preparation for the medico-psychological inquiry and the social inquiry).
2. Provision of counselling with our specialised psychotherapist.
3. Training session with a simulation of legal hearings.

The Eiffel Law Firm proposes to put you in a "D-Day" situation, and we will explain to you:

1. A hearing before the family court judge.
2. How to answer the judge's questions.
3. How to express yourself in a rational and coherent way.


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