Enfant / pension alimentaire

Child / Alimony

Residence / visiting and accommodation rights / alternating residence
In the context of parental separation (divorce, breakdown of PACS or cohabitation), it is necessary to organize arrangements for the children.

The Eiffel Law Firm assists you before the family court judge to arrange everybody's accommodation timetable in the interest of your children.

It is therefore possible to provide that the children's usual residence will be fixed at the home of one parent and the other parent will have a right of access and accommodation according to a timetable to be determined. It is also possible to fix the residence of the children's place of residence with either parent in turn, which is known as joint custody or shared custody.

As grandparents, you can ask the judge to establish a right to visit and accommodation for your benefit if the interest of your grand-son or grand-daughter requires it.

The Eiffel Law Firm also gives you advice and assistance in the proceedings about parental authority, such as the delegation of parental authority.

In some cases, if the child is in danger within his own family, the Eiffel Law Firm helps you invoke the children's judge to put in place appropriate protective measures (educational assistance, placement, etc.).

The Eiffel Law Firm also advises and assists you with the procedures concerning child abduction.


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