Divorce Séparations

Divorce / Separation / Breakdown of PACS

A divorce can be delivered through a non-contentious or contentious procedure.

Divorce by mutual agreement is now the fastest divorce procedure.

It applies to couples who, through the intervention of a lawyer or the process of collaboration, have come to agreement about all the material and practical consequences of their divorce.

The liquidation of your matrimonial property, the possibility of a compensatory allowance, parental authority, the children's place of residence and alimony...

We assist you at every stage to allow you to resume the course of your life as quickly as possible.

The two periods in contentious divorce proceedings:

Initially, one spouse refers the divorce to the family court judge. At a first hearing, known as the "conciliation" hearing, the judge will set the interim measures which will apply for the period of the procedure: places of residence, alimony, terms relating to children, etc. ... Subsequently, the more diligent spouse refers the divorce to the Court for one of the three grounds laid down by law.

A married couple whose relationship has broken down can opt for a judicial separation or a divorce.

Depending on your needs, your expectations and your situation, I can help you determine the most appropriate procedure and assist you throughout the procedure.

Legal separation allows you to break up with your spouse and organize the consequences of this break for your children and your possessions, while remaining tied by the bonds of marriage.

The procedure to achieve a judicial separation judgment is the same as the divorce process: it can be non-contentious or contentious.

Legal separation can be converted automatically into divorce with the full force of law after two years.

Breakdown of PACS
ou want to find a solution for the goods you have purchased in common and / or for your children (parental rights, children's place of residence, visiting and accommodation rights or rights for alternating residence and alimony).

We help you to manage your separation as successfully as possible, to formalize an agreement and support you before the family court judge.


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